Three Great Places to Walk Your Dog around Mirfield

Updated: Jun 27, 2018

Here at Beauty Petz we think Mirfield has a lot to offer: we have some lovely shops and great facilities. But one of the things many of us take for granted is the fine countryside that sits right on our doorstep. For Mirfield dog owners, the choice is exceptional and opportunities abound for daily local walks as well as walks further afield. In a future blog, I might talk about how to manage your dog and its behaviour while walking, and it’s a good idea to check your council's website for guidelines, but for now let’s take a look at some great local places where both you and your dog can take advantage of the lovely spring fresh air and shake off those dark winter months.

The Canal Towpath Mirfield

The Lock at Mirfield Canal
The Lock at Mirfield Canal

You can access the canal towpath at Mirfield from a few different locations to discover many walks of different lengths and duration. For example, take a gentle stroll from the Marina and head towards Lidl to stop and admire the narrow boats drifting past or those moored alongside the canal bank. In spring and summer, it’s nice to see how the owners have made their boats look attractive with creative paintwork and flowers on deck. Take a detour from the canal at Station Road and turn left and across the road to see the busy allotment keepers tending plots of all sizes, with rickety sheds for shelter.

Follow the road further and Lower Hopton beckons to approach ‘The Flowerpot’, and the most dog friendly pub you could ever imagine. On a weekend we often do this short but delightful walk from Beauty Petz and have a couple of cheeky drinks here. A bowl of refreshing water is always on hand for thirsty pooches, and there is a real country atmosphere in this ancient pub.

Of course, this is just a small stretch of canal and for the more adventurous, you can walk from Ha’penny Bridge to Bradley towards Huddersfield or carefully cross the main road and head out to Brighouse.

Go in the opposite direction from the marina and a walk as far as Horbury and Wakefield beckons. The advantage of canal towpath walks is they are generally flat and easy, ideal when you fancy taking a longer walk.

The ‘Behind the Three Nuns Walk'

The Three Nuns
The Three Nuns

This may seem a strange name for a walk, but for many dog walkers and Mirfielders, this is a popular walk that many are familiar with. Of course now called the Miller and Carter Steakhouse, the route is well known among locals and forms part of the historic Luddite Trail.

Facing the Three Nuns, take the path to the right of the building to end up at Cross Hills Lane and into Heartshead village (about 1km). Pass, or call, at the Grey Ox pub and by Hartshead Church find Hare Park Lane to find a small Quaker's Burial site. The Kirklees way takes you in a circular to Bullace Trees Lane, the Star Inn and to Hartshead Hall back to the Three Nuns (about 8km). This walk is a lovely retreat on a warm evening or a Sunday afternoon. To see a more detailed outline of the ‘Behind the Three Nuns Walk’, follow this link:

Mirfield Woodlands to Whitley

Bluebells in Hagg Wood
Bluebells in Hagg Wood

This is a fabulous walk; you and your dog will love the trail through the woods. It’s safe to say that if you do this walk anytime soon you will experience one of the finest bluebell displays England has to offer. Begin your walk from lower Hopton and Granny lane and head your way upwards through the golf course. As the walk reaches the top of the climb it goes through two stone pillars and gets narrower as it progresses along a tree lined track and passes a steeply descending path on the right.

Go to a junction with a tarmacked surfaced lane. At this point you are in Whitley and have a fabulous choice; you can either call in for a refreshing drink at the Woolpack Inn or take a right turn to head down to Charlotte’s Ice Cream Parlour. If you have children with you, they will love both the ice cream and the play areas on offer. For a more detailed outline of this walk and its varieties, follow this link.

Watch this space for more walks in the near future...