Joanne at Beauty Petz Attends Poodle and Poos Seminar in Huddersfield

Updated: Nov 20, 2019

Joanne at Beauty Petz took a little time away from her parlour recently to help hone her skills at the Poodles and Poos seminar in Huddersfield

The Seminar, which was presented by the Welsh Grooming Academy and hosted by the delightful Alice in Groomingland, focused on preparation and head shape when grooming wool and wool mix coats and included essentials such as choosing the best scissors for each particular job.

The day was designed to cover the preparation from start to finish, bathing and drying, what products and best way to use them: styling and finishing and easy ways to achieve cute head shapes and easy shaping teddy feet. Also demonstrated was how to take good photos of dogs using just your mobile phone as well as hints and tips on running and marketing your business.

Matthew Spry from the Welsh Grooming Academy

Joanne really enjoyed the day, saying it was great to meet like-minded people in the dog grooming business. It just so happened she groomed a Cavapoo with a Teddy Bear cut that very week. A new customer who gave Joanne the kind of review that makes it all worthwhile:

“Fantastic dog groomer!! This was my first of many visits I’m sure, listened to what I wanted to get out of the cut and advised on options for the cut and the end result is amazing; by far the best cut my Cavapoo has had ! Really pleased and highly recommended.” Justin, Mirfield