Have You Ever Walked 'Beaumont's Bolt'?

Updated: Jul 9, 2019

As a family, we have always enjoyed walking and the outdoors and last weekend I was trying to think of somewhere nice to spend the day out. I thought maybe Dovedale in the Peak District but didn’t fancy the 2 hours’ drive there and back. Another idea was the surrounding countryside of Harewood House, a bit nearer but then someone said they had seen a walk called ‘Beaumont's Bolt’ that had been recommended by a friend.

Intrigued I took a closer look and was amazed how good this walk looked. To follow Sir Richard Beaumont on his Bolt and see the map, click here for a delightful pdf of the route.

Black Dick's Temple

A walk named after Richard Beaumont

Nicknamed Black Dick of the North, Richard Beaumont was knighted by James 1st in 1609. The name Black Dick came from a legend that he was a highwayman and he is said to walk around every 5th July with his head under his arm. He died in 1631 at the age of 57 and his tomb can be seen at Kirkheaton parish church.

This is a six mile circular walk that not only covers some fantastic scenery, it is right on our very doorstep. About 10 minutes from Mirfield gets you to the start point in Grange Moor. There is a handy layby at the side of the main road where you can park up. The walk itself has a variety of terrains from made paths to woodland and open fields. Using the map and following the signposts helps you on your way around.

Dogs will love the open spaces and paths but be aware that some areas are a bit overgrown and some dogs may need a hand over some of the stiles of which there are quite a few.

We had a great time on our walk, ending up for lunch at the Shoulder of Mutton in the delightful village of Briestfield. All in all a really nice day out with not much driving leaving loads of time to enjoy everything else.

Some of the photos we took

A happy hiker

Dumb Steeple at Grange Moor

Ears of corn

Open fields

You can park on this layby at the start of the walk

We stumbled across Grange Moor Brass Band

A blast from the past

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