Four Great Reasons to Brush Your Dog’s Coat ‘Between’ Visits to the Groomer

Updated: Mar 6, 2018

There’s nothing more satisfying for us here at Beauty Petz than when we see a happy customer leaving our parlour with an even happier looking dog. Some dogs really seem to know they have been groomed and walk out looking super proud. But what about the time between professional grooming? What can be done to keep your pooch's coat and fur looking good from one groom to the next?

1 Make Time for Bonding

The answer is to make a point of regularly brushing: not only does this keep your dog looking pristine between grooms, it also helps to encourage a special bonding between you and your dog, particularly if a brushing routine is firmly established while they are still a very young puppy.

2 Brush to Save on Housework

While it may feel like a time consuming process to brush your dog on a daily or regular basis, in the long run you will spend less time with the vacuum cleaner trying to eliminate furry carpets and hairy furniture. Setting aside a specific time of day, perhaps after work when you have more time to brush your dog, means both you and your dog will look forward to and enjoy this special time together. Your house will also begin to feel cleaner and much more comfortable in a very short period of time.

3 Prevent Matted Hair

Apart from the obvious benefit of removing loose hair, one of the main reasons for regular brushing is to prevent matted hair. Longer haired dogs are especially prone to matting and brushing out of serious mats is almost impossible, often meaning they have to be cut-out by a professional groomer. Attempting to brush out knots is difficult, even for the most experienced groomer, but it can also be very uncomfortable for the dog. Much better to avoid mats altogether by maintaining a well-conditioned coat. It may also work out cheaper if the dog groomer can spend more time producing a beautifully groomed animal rather than wasting valuable time trying to separate or cut out matted hair.

4 A Shiny Coat with a Regular Health Check

As well as promoting a healthy looking dog, regular brushing has additional benefits. For example, natural oils are stimulated by brushing and help produce a glossy, shiny coat full of vitality. Systematic brushing also provides an opportunity to perform a regular health check as part of the grooming process. Signs of fleas, any unusual bumps or skin irritation may be picked up where otherwise could have been completely overlooked. It also gives you chance to check their ears, nails and teeth. A good wipe around the face will freshen them up, especially if they are the type of breed with facial skin folds.

Apart from all these great reasons for regular brushing, your dog will generally feel better and a lot more comfortable. Just imagine if we didn’t brush our own hair, even for one day, how messy we would soon feel.

Happy brushing…